I have presented at events everywhere from Australia to Athens as part of my role at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and as a volunteer for the CoppaFeel! charity. Here are a few of the highlights:

Presenting 50 Next – October 2020:

#50BestTalks, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Bread and Dessert with Dabiz Muñoz, Elena Reygadas, Jesús Escalera, Vanessa González and Joaquin Grimaldi – October 2019:

#50BestTalks, Bogotá, Colombia – Meat: the future with Narda Lepes, Jefferson Rueda, Leonor Espinosa, Pablo Rivero and Édgar Núñez – October 2018:

#50BestTalks, San Sebastian, Spain – live interview with Dan Barber – June 2018:

Canal N, Lima, Peru – live TV interview about 50 Best Explores Peru – Sept 2018:

Canal RPP, Lima, Peru – pre-recorded TV interview – Sept 2018:

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, Melbourne – live interviews with chefs Gaston Acurio and Jorge Vallejo – April 2017:


London Film & Comic Con, Olympia, London – moderator and guest speaker for a panel on ‘Books & Boobs’ with Alice May-Purkiss, with CoppaFeel! – July 2018:


IKRA Gastronomy Festival, Sochi, Russia – guest speaker – February 2018:


#50BestTalks, Macau – presenter and moderator – March 2018:


Professional Publishers Association (PPA) Independent Publishers Conference, London – presentation on using video for your brand – December 2016

Identita Golose Gastronomy Festival, Milan – Art of Hospitality panellist with Massimo Bottura, Will Guidara and Josep Roca – March 2018:


Round table on the future of the bar industry, The Clumsies, Athens – May 2018:


Flavour of San Francisco food tour, El Buen Comer, San Francisco – presenter – Sept 2018:


#50BestTalks, Bogota – presenter and moderator, Oct 2017:


#50BestTalks, Bangkok – presenter and live interview with chef Manish Mehrotra – March 2017:


#50BestTalks, Mexico City – presenter and moderator, Sept 2016:


#50BestTalks at Wine Vision, Bilbao – panellist, December 2015

Facebook Women’s Leadership Day, Dublin – panellist on using social media for good – 2014