Book Wars: The Kindness vs Haus Frau

I’m not a wife, but I admit
there’s something I find quite
fascinating about adultery and
forbidden passion, particularly
that of the female kind

Book Wars: The Confusion of Karen Carpenter vs Straight White Male

Likeable from the start, self-
deprecating Karen is in stark contrast to the protagonist of Straight White Male, the 44-year-old woman-hating, porn-watching Irish writer Kennedy Marr. It’s a bit like Bridget Jones Vs Don Draper, only Kennedy lacks the charm of the latter.

Come on in, the water’s lovely

With the sun taking his hat on and off more often than a Victorian gentleman, us Britons need to make the most of the time we can get outdoors. Here’s the lowdown on the UK’s finest open-air pools

Seven food rules to live by

Pledge to follow these new food habits and you’ll be making a big difference to the environment, your health and your friendly local farmer