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I worked as an editor and reporter for Latin America at Bloomberg News from 2008 to 2012 and contributed to Bloomberg Markets from 2005. Most of my writing can only be found on the Bloomberg Terminal (subscriber-only) but the following is a selection from

Mortgage calculator: using Excel

The deterioration of mortgage-backed securities as U.S. home loan delinquencies and foreclosures rise has given new urgency to valuing these instruments

Bloomberg to go: using BlackBerry tools

Anybody who has already succumbed to the allure of the “crackberry” will know the benefits of having constant access to emails, calendar appointments and addresses in the palm of the hand

Help Desk: emerging-market equity indexes

Type EMEQ for the Emerging Markets Equity Indices function. EMEQ monitors the major stock market gauges in developing countries, showing the indexes’ most-recent values and his- torical information.