“As Indian chefs, we need to change how people perceive Indian food” – Garima Arora

Garima Arora of Gaa in Bangkok has been voted the elit™ Vodka Asia’s Best Female Chef 2019. In the latest edition of the Igniting Passion series, presented by elit™ Vodka, the Mumbai-born cook talks about the importance of changing the global mindset around Indian cuisine.

With a menu serving unripe jackfruit, liquid banana bread and duck doughnut, restaurant Gaa is not instantly recognisable for one particular cuisine. The chef is from Mumbai, the location is Bangkok and the ingredients are local – yet Garima Arora defines her debut solo restaurant as neither Thai nor Indian. Nevertheless, behind every dish there are cooking techniques based on centuries of Indian history; techniques that have crossed into Thailand and, over time, influenced much of Asia. It is these Indian techniques that are very much at the heart of Gaa and its success, and which Arora wants to show to the world.

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Image: Anne-Emmanuelle Thion for Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants

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