Jock Zonfrillo finds parallels with Australia in the Amazon and urges chefs to agitate for change

In the second episode of the four-part mini-documentary series, 50 Best Explores Peruchef Jock Zonfrillo travels to the Amazon with local chefs Pedro Miguel Schiaffino and Matias Cillóniz, finding parallels with the indigenous communities he meets back home – and a whole side of Peruvian gastronomy as yet undiscovered.

In a wooden shack set on stilts, deep inside the Amazon jungle, a young boy reclines in a hammock, watching an Australian soap opera with Portuguese subtitles. Although he watches on a flat-screen television, this is just about the only trace of modern technology in the village – the TV is powered by a generator, which will switch off at 10pm, plunging the small wooden building into darkness and replacing the Australian voices on the TV with the sound of crickets, exotic birds and monkeys.

A few doors down in a neighbouring dwelling, exhausted from the 15,000-kilometre journey from his home in Adelaide, Australia, chef Jock Zonfrillo makes the most of the pitch black sky and absence of internet signal for an early night. In the morning, he will wake with the sunrise and the call of cockerels, ready to explore Peru’s rainforest with fellow chefs Pedro Miguel Schiaffino and Matias Cillóniz.

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