As he launches seed breeding company Row 7, Blue Hill at Stone Barns chef-owner Dan Barber is set to revolutionise the relationship between cook and farmer with a view to bringing flavour-packed vegetables to the wider public.

Dan Barber, the chef known for putting vegetables centre-stage at his restaurant Blue Hill at Stone Barns, is about to take his commitment to farm-to-table dining a step further. Through experimentation with seed genetics, Barber and a team of other chefs, farmers and geneticists have created seven new breeds of vegetables, from squash to potatoes and peppers, that promise to deliver better flavour and productivity than anything currently available in the United States.

“It takes the idea of farm to table and moves it forward by broadening the conversation to include seeds,” says Barber, whose company Row 7 will sell individual and bulk seed packets.

Barber’s interest in seeds was planted 10 years ago after a conversation in his kitchen with Michael Mazourek, a butternut squash breeder. When Barber asked Mazourek why he didn’t make a squash that tasted good, the breeder responded by saying that nobody had ever asked him to breed specifically with flavour in mind.

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