Why Latin America’s Best Female Chef Leo Espinosa wants Colombians to be proud of their cuisine

While most global foodies can identify ceviche as a Peruvian dish and tacos as Mexican, many would be hard-pushed to name a typically Colombian bite. Those who have travelled to Bogotá might pinpoint ajiaco, a hearty local stew of chicken, potatoes, rice and avocado, but little of Colombia’s produce is known internationally.

“Outside Colombia, people know ajiacobandeja paisa and sangocho but that is nothing compared to what we have in this country,” says Leonor Espinosa, the chef-owner of restaurants Leo and Misia, both in Bogotá. “Colombian cuisine comes from the fusion of European with indigenous and, later, African influences. It’s a very colourful cuisine, because of the African influence, and a very characterful one.”

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Image: Renata Bolivar