Inside Brae: Dan Hunter on sustainability, Australian ingredients and the pressure of being at the top

As he celebrates Brae’s debut onto The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, chef-owner Dan Hunter discusses humble beginnings, food waste and changing customers’ perceptions.

There’s a dish on the menu at Brae called Iced Oyster. Shellfish-phobic diners needn’t be fearful – instead of a slippery mollusc inside a shell, it’s actually a sweet milk ice cream with a salty twist that’s capable of turning even the least adventurous into oyster fans. And that’s exactly Dan Hunter’s intention: to challenge the preconceptions of those customers who might have hang-ups about the seafood dish.

“When we first starting serving it, you’d get people, particularly men, who would try to down it in one go and then get ice cream headaches,” says Hunter. “But we’ve learned to make it better for them and we’ve found a lot of people who say they can’t eat oysters can somehow be convinced to try it – and it blows most people’s minds.”

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Image credit: Brae