Dan Barber sets the trend for ethical eating at Selfridges pop-up wastED

Blue Hill at Stone Barns chef-owner Dan Barber is cooking at wastED London until April 2nd. Team 50 Best went along to meet the cook turning waste food into fine dining.

Dan Barber is worried. Earlier today, his team has been scavenging the Selfridges Food Hall for leftover and damaged foodstuffs to use at the wastED dining series on the rooftop of the iconic Londondepartment store. Barber has taken a sack of salt-beef ends from the 50-year-old heritage salt beef bar The Brass Rail and he’s concerned the owners will find out how good it tastes and take it back.

“It’s the best bit,” he says, as he places carrot-stick-shaped ends of juicy meat into taco-sized crepes made from pig’s blood and off-grade bran for his Salt Beef Ends Burrito. “I’m scared they’ll find out.”

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Image credit: Mark Ostow for Blue Hill at Stone Barns