Stealing turkey's crown

Does turkey still rule the roost or is there another contender for its title? Restaurant looks at the other Christmas cuts waiting in the wings

It seems that turkey has dominated the Christmas dinner plate for ever, but it has, in fact, only been a festive favourite for about 60 years. Before intensive farming in the late 1940s led to a drop in prices, turkey was too expensive for common folk to afford, so it was goose that was the bird du jour. In recent years, turkey has become the mainstay of festive feasts, but with diners increasingly wanting something different from what they’ll be cooking at home come the big day, the traditional roast turkey is no longer a given on restaurant menus.

“Turkey hasn’t been king for four or five years,” says Adam Heanen, director of HG Walter butchers in west London. “Game is very big at top-end restaurants and gastropubs, particularly venison. The birds that will be on Christmas menus are pheasant or partridge.”

Read the full article in Restaurant magazine (December 2014)