Karen Carpenter

The Confusion Of Karen Carpenter Vs Straight White Male

Two contrasting styles of comic writing, one told from a female perspective and the other male, battle to be your commute entertainment

Stylist contributor Laura Price roots for The Confusion Of Karen Carpenter by Jonathan Harvey (£7.99, Pan Macmillan) out 15 August

My first thought on picking up this book was, “Oh, right. As in Karen Carpenter, troubled Seventies icon, dab hand with the drums?” Well, no. Not exactly. But that’s precisely the sort of question the book’s Liverpudlian protagonist has had to endure throughout her 36 years of existence. Socially crippled with a sh*t name, as she puts it, she’s spent a lifetime rolling her eyes and fielding funny looks whenever she introduces herself. But, as the well-worn rom-com rules go, her name is the least of her worries.

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